Thursday, December 6, 2007

So my sister has these same pics on her blog, but I couldnt resist!!!

How cute is this?!! Elle helped my mom and Jaclyn make my sister Kelly's Birthday cake. Elle clearly loved it!! Read Kelly's blog to see more about it. I could not resist I had to have these pictures on my blog also (Sorry Kel ;) lol ) Man this kid is a doll, I just love her like crazy!

click and see this one close up... she has a mouth full haha!

My little princess... Baking for her mommy

Elle's masterpiece



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I am ecstatic!!!

I have just sent Sam the last e-mail I will ever send him as a missionary, and I feel great about it!! He gets home on Friday and I am going crazy. I am just ecstatic... what can I say?! It is weird, because I remember when he was only 100 days away then 74, then 53, and now it is only 3. I am feeling pretty dang good, and thought you all should know!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

part 2 more cave pics...

here is a a little part of our group... mainly my roomies, Dustyn, Neighbor 'Dre' (Andrea) And old neighbor 'Gibbler' (Kimberly)
So we didn't really lick it... but you will never die of thirst in the ice caves...
OK this is one of my favorite parts. right here you have to lay on your back and use your feet to kick off of the ceiling... it is way fun! Summer is making a crazy face... she is a pro!
So at the very end of the cave there is this mound of ice that has become a slide for all that make it to the end ;) and it is so fun... you fall a lot but it is a blast. we were trying to do a train.. It is a lot harder than it looks.. trust me!
We did it... thank you summer for the brute strength!( the person that starts it has to sit in this little dip and it has a nice puddle of ice water for you to place your bum in (that was summer) the next time we tried it was me and lets say my bum was so numb... painful... totally worth it!

Man I love college!

random pics of my fun semester part 1

our school as a 50 lap relay. Each ward has a color(s) And we were black and yellow... the bees... so this is me and below are all my wonderful roommates. this semester has been loads of fun!
Tara, Emily, Julia, Shanelle, Summer, and Me!
No folks this is not for Christmas... Me and Em dressed up as whos from the Grinch movie.. for halloween... It was awesome!
We went to the ice caves with some friends, and had a blast, this is Sum and I
Me goin down this crazy ice mound... there always has to be someone on a certain side of you to guide you down (a male usually) so that you don't slide back into some deep crevice (really the only remote dangerous part) It was so fun!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ps. the clock count down is wrong...

I dont know what i did wrong, but the clock is a day fast, just so you know... (It is hard to read it anyways, oh well its kinda fun) Enjoy my stupid countdown clock.

no picture update.. just a great mood!

If there was a picture on this post it would be a pathetic picture of me looking as excited as possible. I got a sweet e-mail from Sam today, and well folks I think he is so great! Sam gets home in 9 days, and to be honest these days are going pretty slow for me! My excitement is escalating and i didn't know that was possible, by the time next Friday comes around, and I know he is home in Colorado... I am gonna go crazy (if I can any more than I already am!!!) I really cant wait... well obviously I can, but I am so excited to talk to Sam. I have really missed this Best friend of mine. Thank you all for all the support you have given me! I cant believe its here! I love you all!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dreaming of December...

Some excitement in my life...
Well you all most likely know Sam gets home from his mission very soon! I will save you time in answering the question i get the most... Yes I am so excited!
One thing I want to add:
For those of you who doubted... well I briefly dated and totaly waited! These past 2 years have been wonderful, and at times so stinkin hard. I am excited to see my bestfriend again, Its been a while ;) What I have missed the most is not the relationship that everyone knows us for, but the friendship of my very best friend.

My Little Pride!!!

So I stole a couple of these pics from my sister's blog, but here is my little Love. My sweet niece Elle Alexandra. I never knew that i could love someone so small so completely. She is one special girl... and has tons of love to go around. It is hard being away at school while she grows and changes so much. I had no idea being an aunt would be so wonderful. She is a sweet heart and makes my day, even when I only get to talk to her on the phone. The latest conversation between us goes like this... "Hi Elle!!!"... "Hi.. okay.. bye byebye bye" she then sets the phone down and runs away. Yeah she loves her Aunt Lindsay. lol well this is my little obsession.

(feel free to check out my sisters blog it is super cute and has more pictures of Elle

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am new at this

Ok so I love looking at everryone's blog, but am jealous because my life is to boring for one... so be prepared for a lame-o blog all so I can add some thrill to my life by doing the in thing... becoming a Blogger!