Thursday, November 29, 2007

random pics of my fun semester part 1

our school as a 50 lap relay. Each ward has a color(s) And we were black and yellow... the bees... so this is me and below are all my wonderful roommates. this semester has been loads of fun!
Tara, Emily, Julia, Shanelle, Summer, and Me!
No folks this is not for Christmas... Me and Em dressed up as whos from the Grinch movie.. for halloween... It was awesome!
We went to the ice caves with some friends, and had a blast, this is Sum and I
Me goin down this crazy ice mound... there always has to be someone on a certain side of you to guide you down (a male usually) so that you don't slide back into some deep crevice (really the only remote dangerous part) It was so fun!

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Kelly Grace said...

Those pictures are really funny Linds! I love the first one, I am going to steal it for my blog! The Who picture...not as cute!